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to do. >> well, i started fund-raising in the age of 4 for an earthquake in india and, simply, i was reading through a newspaper and i saw how a priest from my own religious community had died under the rubble in india. and i decided that i had to do something. that it wasn't really fair. and i was eating a clementine at the time, and i was 4 years old, so the simplest thing to do was well sell clementines. and that's exactly what i did. >> and so he grabbed a little box from the fridge and away he went. he made up a little sign and all that sort of stuff. and we knew from that point that a typical 4-year-old doesn't do that. >> reporter: at the end of the day, he had raised $350. this set off a passion in bilaal that has taken him all over the world to help those less fortunate. >> i've traveled to places like malawi, indonesia, sri lanka, the tsunami-affected regions, ecuador in south america. and some of the things i saw there i definitely won't forget. they had so little, yet they still had smile on their faces, while here we complain if our coffee is cold. and really that's
of the wrong hands. >> this is a video of india. the train was on a way to the foothills of the malaya's the engine jumped the track. the cause of the derailment is not known at this time. train accidents are common in india >>> in afghanistan today an attack killed at least eight people including one afghan official. the death toll this month alone is now 15. >> the crew of the space shuttle atlantis has stopped with the space station. these are live pictures but they are delivering 4 million lbs. of supplies. >> wheel of baseball highlights coming ups just before the all-star break >> a look outside at walnut creek we will be right back the giants added gala to their lead after the win last night. the map giants defeated the mets a 3-1. the giants moved to games and had of the arizona diamondbacks. they defeated the a's 7-6 but rangers want their 60s and our role. >> it is the ninth year in our role for breast cancer. they will walk close to 40 mi. searching for a cure you can join by going to avon oil walk docked,. >> new reports women will be less likely to find a new job than that
. >>> 17 people are dead and 100 and 31 others injured in mumbai, india after blasts in three separate neighborhoods in a terror attack. the bombs were not remotely triggered. there are no leads as to who was behind the attacks and there were no warnings. >>> fog filling in long the bay shores and tomorrow, dense fog and drizzle to start the day. temperatures in the 50s. patchy fog lingering . >>> all right. good evening, everybody. baseball off. giants back to work tomorrow. a's on friday. trying to rest from the all- star game and spending a few private moments. look at that guy. tuxedo tonight at the awards show. put beards on kids. whole show. give them credit. if you want people to look at you, it's working. it's working and the host worked him right in. >> welcome all of you. the miliums watching from inside brian wilson's beard. -- millions watching from inside brian wilson's beard. you look like a vien from a movie. some pitchers have goatees, brian wilson has an entire ghost. looks like your beard is wearing a fake beard. >> giants in san diego tomorrow night. u.s.a. women's s
of state henry clinton is in india for a discussion of a wide range of economic and security related issues. this is a continuation of the u.s. and india dialogue about launched last year. before the talks were under way, the external affairs ministers met briefly, the visit comes less than one week after a series of explosions in mumbai is leaving 19 people dead. in a speech, clinton extended united states support. >> on behalf of the united states, our deep sympathy and our outrage to the people and government of india there. we pledge our support to you in your fight which is also our fight to bear against terrorism and violent extremism. >> clinton is in the capital of india 42 day visit. the state department says that she will focus on education, energy, climate change and science and technology. >> we will take a break. as we go, here is a live look at that hotspot we're following in the south bay. a problem both southbound and northbound. full details straight ahead. when >> we are continuing to track hot spots in the south bay. highway 880 101 both northbound and southbound. rea
buy in india. all three blasts to place in crowded markets in the areas. initial reports say that dozens of people have been we will keep getting new information into the newsroom and bring that to you. we will take a break and be right back. >> we're looking in walnut creek, a slowdown on 680. more traffic in a minute.. a full tenure forecast coming up and a little bit. >> space shuttle atlantis are now focusing on a space station and stockpiling. this is the final space walk of the space shuttle era. a year's worth of food, clothing and other supplies, the crews are on loading the cargo carrier and they will fill that with space station trash and discarded equipment to return to earth next week. the 12 day mission is the last ever for the space shuttle. >> 741 a m, we are back with more than a couple of minutes. it look at the san mateo bridge. you need wipers' there because the fog is so sick. we will be right >> this case did not need to go to court. >> you say that this should not rise to the court, should this have made it to your desk? i >> once the arrest occurr
. >> the lieutenent said they were able to develop leads and found the suspect. he is from india and was in danville visiting relatives. >> i'm not aware of a similar incident. >> he was booked at to martinez jail, bond is $125,000. in danville. kron4 news. >>> hayward police are investigating after a man was shot to death in a car. this was the scene at the intersense of tennyson road, the body was in an older model gold cadillac at a 76 station. no arrests have been made. >>> police i've a -- identify a woman who was set on fire. her name is monica rode as -- rodas, the mother is demanding justice for her cause. >> friends and relatives surrounded the victim's mother at this east oakland apartment as she mourned the death of her only child. 21 yield monica rode as -- rodas was a good person. monica wanted to work as a dental assistance. >> in spanish maria said she wants justice and that her daughter didn't deserve to die the way she did. thank moring -- thursday morning someone dumped monica's body. the person sat the body on fire before driving away. police say in cases like this it's usually a
had clinton is in india on a wide range of economic issues. before the talks got under way clinton and a big external affairs minister had a brief meeting explosions in mom by a left 19 people dead. >> on behalf of the united states our deepest sympathy and our outrage to the people and government of india and pledgor support to you in your fight and is also on our fight in terrorism. >> she is in the capital for today's on a visit. >> time now 5:41 a.m. this is a live look at the bay bridge and you see sunrise in the making. we will be right back is going to be a hot one >> of from san for cisco and i do like the morning fog we'grea start this is a satellite look of the fog a lot less fog than we had yesterday. good news the fog as along the coast warmer temperatures all across the bay area. we are warming up already this is a look of current temperatures right now. a quick flyby are around the area we are expecting 87 degrees in santa rosa we are keeping it cool along the coast not quite a beach weather. and this is a look of your seven day forecast hot hot weather especially in
in the death count has got this collision happened in india. >> in this video you conceive the woman breaking the window to try and get out of the train carried you will see there are not will allot of officials helping with this train it was passengers' helping other passengers. train accidents like this are common in india carrie. and beg lead-protesters clashed with police this all on what changes to their constitution. they were stopping the protesters from blocking roads. in russia will back a ship carrying hundred and 88 people battled the wind and rain the ship started to tilt among them the missing art doesn't of children >> in britain and the final edition of the news of the world simply said thank you and goodbye. this newspaper came to an end to to suspicion of slackening e- mail . >> the other robert murdoch was present. >> we'll take look bad weather and traffic when return. it is for 40 7:00 a.m.. an adult and droppings or will create a bigger problem in one area. >> there are a lot of thought responsible pet owners they do not pick up after and i want to find out who they are.
of the tenant is able to develop credible leads things to the community. this 56 rolled suspect is from india to /+ /and was in danville resident visiting relatives. >> i am not aware of his location before this. >> his fund is $125,000. >> search continues for michelle le there is a $100,000 reward for any information leading to her discovery. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at cypress avenue in hayward. >> a man accused of stealing a picasso has pleaded not guilty. now, he is expecting more charges surveillance video at a store in new jersey lugo he has previously been cited for stealing $6,000 worth of bottles of wine in a new jersey. let us speak to the gallery manager with this picasso was stolen. >> prior to this, i could not tell you the last time that a piece of artwork was stolen from any gallery in the new york city. >> he left this gallery in new york city it was this picasso but was found in the new jersey apartment along with 10 other stolen art pieces. >> none of our surveillance sopicked him up. >> the did not realize common for zero hours >> they did not realize four-one hour. >> and i
was shot to get death by his own bodyguard >> a deadly bombing attack in india. indian officials are not issue is behind this at attack carried 18 people were killed hundreds were injured and no arrests have been made. president barack obama is assuring them that the united states will be behind them. >> hillary clinton will be on a 12 day around the world tour. >> we're still getting contradictory signal from kaddafi's camp he is yet to meet the deadlines to cease violence and withdraw his forces and step down from our we cannot predict how what they are what our gaddafi will leave power we to understand and agree his days are numbered. >> then she is on to indonesia and ndf and how long and will return. july 25th. >> 84 will be laid to rest today in michigan hundreds of people admired her will be lined up along garrote. print she will be it moralized of final time she died aged 93 she will be buried next to her husband. former first lady about bush is expected to attend services today. >> this is a live look at the san mateo bridge of higher fog today more sunshine. i'll look f
. these are common in india, reporting >> kron 4 news. >> in bangladesh, protests injured 70 people upset with recent changes possibly resulting in the state in a separate entity >> and this one have century boat was on the volga river and battled winds and rans and summberged rescue operations are under way. >> new, u.s. defense agency wrapped up his first trip to afghanistan. the former cia to rectocia director met with troops and hamid karzai, turning to their power back over to afghanistan is the key ingredient to return the country to its operations. >> off the british tabloid after a phone scandal. it became under fire after reports of hacking voicemail of politicians, celebrities and victim's. this final cover things the staff and readers. >> this is not where rep wanted to be and this is not where we deserve to be. this is the final issue. 7.5 million readers. >> thank you. >> 200 world staffers are without jobs the owner say that it will try to find positions for as many of them as possible. the owner is rupert murdock. (music) >> jacquelinea beautiful shot. a beautiful day to be out by the
of the victims were from india and pakistan. >> september 11th not only did a horrible thing to people in the u.s. would all over the world. and this is a time that we should take a moment for humanity. >> he is scheduled to die at july 28th in a last effort to stop the execution he is suing the governor and other state officials he says that perry has violated his rights by ignoring requests to meet with him for mediation. >> i think they he should be able to live. >> there is a lesson of forgiveness after i have tried to take his life he tried to save my life and that speaks of law. >> in an interview he says he's a changed man and apologizes for the pain that his cause. but the other says yes forgiven his attacker years ago. >> here is the golden gate bridge live right now the temperatures are in the '50s and '60s ocean beach at 56, navato 63 degrees. here we have some cool temperatures on the way for tomorrow, once again this the future forecast, there are the colors on the map. '70s for some spots particularly the 80's and 90's the time of year it will be cooler with temperatures into
of this, a leopard that mauled 11 people in india who see them jumping over the fence trying to escape. it injured six visitors, policemen and four guards before being hit with a tranquilizer gun, it did die within hours, leopards are protected in india but more and more are searching for food in villages. take a look at this, water shooting high and the sky flooding to homes in eastern las angeles after a carjacking suspect crashed into a fire hydrant it took nearly three hours for the firefighters to shut off the valve. the suspect was taken to hospital for treatment and then arrested. some more exploding mortar, to be lifted the dramatic video of this a flooded store, it is violently hurling that car into the ear the incident happened after heavy rainstorms caused flash flooding in montreal yesterday. take a look at this kid how a team at the last night giants' game because he missed out on catching a foul ball. the woman celebrating in front of him and then keep an eye on it, the could this arms crossed and the frowning face he did you eventually get a baseball, the giants' staff g
attack in india. they have collected the blood evidence and they're looking at security video. no one is all claiming responsibility for the attacks. it killed a hundred and 66 people. countries are going to did discuss financial aid and support barry there is uncertainty of libyan society. gaddafi said he is not leaving power >> a largest marijuana plantation in history when it was made on wednesday 3 a. and some plants were as tall as 8 ft.. they detained six people buried they would have learned hundred million dollars. >> now look from our roof a better look of the fog is it is hanging over this city we're dealing with some gusty winds this is a look of the wind speeds around the bay area. the fog is also a factor this morning it is creeping more and more inland. the fog is widespread along the peninsula. not impacting your visibility nothing about that will slow you down on the road way. we are starting to drop a temperatures. afternoon temperatures warm up some locations may be more than yesterday. 64 in oakland 76 in morgan appehill. now check of the right >> no hotspots @ nice
populated areas of india during the evening rush-hour several areas of moon by were attacked, additional information were not--mumbi were attacked, memories of a series of attack that killed other people's previously had been looming. >> now one take off this hour plane crashed into this bear an area near to neighborhoods. in the philippines, the search is on for two kidnapped american and filipino relatives. investigators say that armed men conducted the three as they were vacationing they were expected back in manila, but the victims were forced at gunpoint on to boats headed towards an island, no one has claimed responsibility for the kidnapping or ask for a ransom. >> next week we will finally start to warm back up i will have a complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. honey...? [ mom ] yes. honey, i can't find my internet cord. oh, i'll borrow hailey's. you're downloading movies. fast! from here? where is her cord?! we switched to at&t high speed internet and got wireless access. no more cords. wireless, okay, honestly, can i just get a cord, please? dad, the cord's invi
millionaires and as the dollar plummeted, brazil, russia and india there dollar has increased role ride, so there's a little bit of an illusion as doug would say, but it is interesting because we have the housing problem in the u.s., we have greece, italy, all of these problems and more millionaires than ever. so the wealthy figure out how to stay well. >> an interesting balance. now talk about your writing on our web page. >> it is basically three, or four times a week and i put what happens on the markets, a little more smarter and hard core market material. >> you will be back tomorrow. >> yes. >> thank you. >> now live look outside, you cannot see very much because the fog is so bad we will talk more about this next. i want to crush more cars. ♪ i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread. ♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. starting with the at&t all for less package -- just $70 per month,
Search Results 0 to 16 of about 17 (some duplicates have been removed)

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